Porcelain Tiles Non-combustable

Our PLAN SAFE GUARD Porcelain Tiles are a quality range of vitrified structural tiles for use outdoors.

Offering a comprehensive range of characteristics and finishes from natural stone, granite, wood and Glazed Porcelain, available in a variety of colours and shades.

Our range of tiles are 20mm in thickness ideal for use externally as a structural tile. All the tiles are available in 595mm x 595mm Square or 895mm x 595mm, allowing for a stylish and contemporary look.

When used with our PLANDECK ALUMINIUM SUBSTRUCTURE, you can tile over membraned roofs, leaving your integrated drainage untouched. Use over uneven ground without the need for major ground work allowing indoor and outdoor spaces to seamlessly flow.

Made with outdoors in mind the Anti-slip surfaces are perfect for maintaining safety, in all weathers. Easy to clean and maintain.

Our Range of Porcelain Tiles

AVENUE: Structured – Anti-Slip Surface

A collection that makes the reinterpretation of a stone that combines characteristic aspects of granite with that of basalt.

Dark Grey

CANYON: Slightly Rough – Anti-Slip Surface

With the inspiration of natural stone, slightly rough with a natural stone grain and look. Extremely natural look and interesting touch.


GROUND: Matt Finish & Anti-Slip

A collection inspired by the look and feel of cement applied a cotton structure. Modern vintage look fits the latest design trends.

Light Grey

WILDWOOD: Matt Finish & Anti-Slip

A creation that bridges the beauty of nature and human creation. New concept of tiles with the beauty of wood in ceramic form.

Wildwood White
Wildwood Beige
Wildwood Grey

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